Why WordPress?

Why WordPress sucks

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve met who initially say “I’ve used WordPress… WordPress sucks.”

I get it. WordPress can suck. Maybe you used a version of WordPress from 2012. Maybe you used a theme that was built in a way that made editing really hard. Maybe your pagebuilder’s way of adding content just doesn’t make sense to you. Maybe your developer didn’t teach you how to use the tools they implemented.

I’ll argue that WordPress doesn’t suck. You just hadn’t yet discovered the right WordPress configuration and tools to best suit your needs.

Why WordPress is the best CMS

WordPress didn’t get to be the world’s leading content management system (CMS) because it sucks. As of 2023, WordPress was powering 45.8% of ALL websites on the internet. Of the websites using content management systems, that number climbs to 65.2%. More than 835 million sites use WordPress.

WordPress is popular – VERY popular, and it’s popular for a reason. It’s the most flexible, user-friendly CMS out there. WordPress is great for simple starter websites. It’s scalable for large websites. It’s free. It’s easy to learn. It’s SEO friendly. It’s perfect for blogging, information delivery, e-commerce,  portfolios, and business sites.

Longevity & Community

WordPress has been around for over 20 years and looks to be in it for the long run. There’s a community of folks dedicated to keeping WordPress alive and making it better.

This community also gives me security as a single person business. I often get asked what would happen if something were to happen to me. With WordPress and the thousands of developers using it, my clients can continue with their existing websites by finding another good WordPress professional. The reverse is also true, because I am a WordPress developer, I can often dive in and help with a website created by another WordPress site creator.

The right WordPress tools matter

I’ve spent years building what I think is the perfect toolbox for my adventures in WordPress. I’ve explored a handful of page builders, dozens of themes, hundreds of plugins. The great thing is that you have options – the downfall is that these options can be overwhelming.

With over 60,000 free plugins and many more premium plugins to filter through for features, WordPress has a lot of flexibility. I’ll make a quick argument that you should hire a developer rather than doing it yourself because of these overwhelming options. Developers like Blue Lake Websites know which themes are in it for the long run. We know how to tell if a plugin is going to be updated for compatibility with the dozen WordPress releases this year. We’ve used the tools to know whether this calendar plugin has the filtering features you want or that event registration plugin uses your preferred payment processor.

I’ll publish a blog post soon about my favorite WordPress tools that I use for most of the websites I build. In short, on nearly every site I build, I use the Beaver Builder pagebuilder and theme. I use The Events Calendar and Gravity Forms on at least half of the sites I create.

I love WordPress

I love WordPress. I love it when people tell me they think “WordPress sucks,” and I turn them around by introducing them to the right WordPress tools that can make things easy. I love the WordPress tools I’ve discovered throughout the years.

WordPress the best CMS for my website development business – and I’ll argue it’s probably the best CMS for your organization as well. Reach out today and see what I can do with WordPress for you!